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Work Highlights:

  • Collaborative projects with four municipalities in progress

  • Community dialogues and evaluation partnerships with local organizations, including the HUA Foundation and a number of Indigenous groups

  • UNCOP28 presentation on the theme of multi-level action, urbanization, housing & built environment on December 6th

  • Participated in several conferences in 2023, including the UBCM conference panel, FCM conference, Housing Central and FCM Housing Summit, and ran a workshop with YWCA City Shift at the Columbia Institute's High Ground Conference

  • Collaborative youth-focused projects have engaged with young people in British Columbia to educate them on the public hearing process and gain their insight and input into public hearing reform

  • Extended outreach to the community through two MLR Speak of the City events in March 15th and August 3rd, garnering engagement from attendees at the Yaletown-Roundhouse Community Centre and North Vancouver's Pipe Shop

  • The Innovator's Forum on March 30th and 31st attracted a total engagement count of 80, bringing together diverse stakeholders to deliberate on identifying barriers and enhancing the current public hearing process

  • The Dialogue Associates dinner and dialogue on March 8th witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 35 Dialogue Associates and staff members of the Centre

  • RPHI Director Amina Yasin, participated as a panelist at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Montreal on February 21st


Three Streams of Work:

Project Activities

infographic of project activities, including research, legal review by BC Law Institute, pilots for alternative public hearing models, evaluation, validating recommendations and public education and convening including public facing communications and dialogues

Youth-Focused Engagement

Through program partner City Hive and SFU’s Human Geography (GEOG 363) class, the Renovate the Public Hearing Initiative has engaged with young people in British Columbia to gain their insight and input into the public hearing process.


Through City Hive’s three-month cohort program, City Innovators, 20 participants learned about public hearings and explored the challenges of engaging with younger demographics in land-use decisions. In SFU’s Human Geography class, students considered how to better inform and connect with youth on public hearings. The RPHI team will be incorporating the insight gained through youth engagement into our work.

We are currently collaborating with creators and educators to produce and publish engaging educational materials regarding public hearings and civic engagement for kids and youth.


For more details and insights from these youth-focused engagements, read our blog.

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