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Jocelyn Wong (she/they)


Jocelyn Wong is a curious writer, a dedicated community organizer and a lover of art in all its forms. She will be completing her undergraduate degree at SFU this spring, with a major in English Literature and a minor in Dialogue. As an alum of Spring 2020’s Semester in Wicked Problems, dialogue has helped Jocelyn match the complexity of the world with the capacity she has as an individual to take action. In addition to this, Jocelyn’s lived experiences as a queer person-of-colour and a second generation immigrant have instilled in her a deep commitment to amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. Jocelyn believes that storytelling is a powerful tool for building solidarity across groups and feels passionately about telling these stories in non-prescriptive, authentic and equitable ways. You can find Jocelyn baking cookies, thrifting, or eating at the local mom’n’pops in their neighbourhood.

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