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You may not have experienced a public hearing for yourself, but this video is a small glimpse into the world of public hearings as they exist today. Our work is to discover how we can rethink the public hearing process to move toward a less traumatic and more inclusive process, where people have fewer barriers and equitable access to this public process at the heart of local government urban and rural planning procedures that has been touted as a "cornerstone of democracy". We hope these changes will instill newfound faith in the democratic process and give communities a better way to make land use decisions together.

National Dialogue on Public Hearings, Land Use & Democracy

In January we held a panel-style dialogue event to elevate the conversation around land use decisions and public hearings to a national level. We are so grateful to our incredible group of panelists from across Canada and our facilitator, Vancouver City Councillor Christine Boyle, for sharing their deep insight, knowledge, perspectives and ideas with all who attended. Watch the full event below:


RPHI Highlights: Photo Galleries

Click on an image below to explore our photo galleries from past events:


Public Hearings in the News

In June, Renovate the Public Hearing Director Amina Yasin was interviewed by Dan Fumano for the Vancouver Sun to talk about the public hearing process and why it needs to change.

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