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Burnaby Public Notification Signage Pilot Project

Untitled design (6).png

Public notification signs are placed on site when development applications require zoning changes to inform the public of proposed land use changes in their neighbourhoods and let them know how to give feedback to Council.      


Renovate the Public Hearing has partnered with the City of Burnaby to test pilot signage developed in response to feedback that public notification signs could be more clear, engaging and accessible.

For information about the development at 3676 Kengsington Ave, see the Burnaby City website.

For more information about the Renovate the Public Hearing Initiative, read more on our website.

For more information about this project and to give your feedback, keep reading below.

There are many components of public engagement when it comes to land use decisions, and one key element is how the public is notified of land use changes in their communities. Our goal is to make information about development applications more easily seen and understood so that community members are better informed about changes in their neighbourhoods.


The Renovate the Public Hearing collected data on public notification methods and signage in a wide variety of BC municipalities. Our pilot signage for the City of Burnaby was designed based on feedback from a focus group that studied Burnaby’s current public notification signage and gave recommendations for improvements.


For reference, the current standard development application signage for the City of Burnaby is pictured to the left. 

Important feedback was that signs should be less text-heavy, clearer, more colourful and more engaging.

Specific Feedback:

  • Use high-contrast colours and visual aids

  • Display rendering of proposed building when available

  • Section information into blocks for clarity

  • Use clear language and translations when possible

The pilot signage we developed with the City of Burnaby (currently on site at 3676 Kengsington Ave, Burnaby) is pictured below:

REZ 24-02 NPH property sign.png

We want to hear your thoughts about the pilot signage and what you would like to see in the future of development application notifications in British Columbia! Feedback will be used to provide recommendations to government for future changes.

Tell us what you think:

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