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Phase 1 - Research, Development & Design; In-Depth Interviews; Final Report Findings

Dr. Daniel Savas

Oct 2017

The SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue plans to launch a major 5-year national multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative on strengthening Canada’s democratic ecosystem. The initiative will build on the Centre’s existing work in this space and envisions a significantly larger and expanded collaboration with universities, government, and NGOs across the country. The intention is to build upon (rather than replicate) what is currently being done, to identify strategic interventions that can support existing activities through collaborative efforts, and to identify areas where gaps exist and define the most effective and impactful activities to address them. In advance of the initiative’s intended launch in early 2018, the Centre undertook a 2-phase program of research and consultations to develop and design a Revitalizing our Democracy concept paper (including a “systems map” of Canada’s democratic ecosystem), and identify potential partners in the initiative. The concept paper will assist the Centre in its efforts to secure the engagement of partners in the implementation and evaluation phases of the initiative. The following report presents a summary of the findings from the in-depth interviews with stakeholders during Phase 1.

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