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The Town of Gibsons Residents Assembly is a partnership designed and funded by the Renovate the Public Hearing Initiative, gathering 25 residents to engage, build capacity around land use planning and develop recommendations to inform Gibsons' new Official Community Plan. Gibsons residents engaged in this project were involved in the Assembly through attending and following Assembly proceedings, receiving learning materials from the Assembly, and giving feedback to the Assembly as it developed its recommendations.




Invitations by mail were sent out through Canada Post to all 2,285 households in Gibsons, the mailouts anticipated gaps in Canada Posts delivery methods, and had a disclaimer written on them encouraging recipients to share the Assembly mailers and inform their neighbours in case they had not received an invitation.

Those residents who responded were then entered into the second stage of the civic lottery, where final Assembly Members were selected in a manner that aimed to balance demographic criteria, using software to randomly select a group of Assembly Members who reflect the demographics of the Town of Gibsons based on the 2021 census. This data was later reviewed, validated and the process resulted in a final mini public, consisting of 25 residents who together broadly reflect the demographic diversity of Gibsons. 

Funding will be available to offset accessibility expenses that would prevent assembly members from attending. 

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